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An Award Winning Enterprise Grade End-To-End Distribution Management System

KATSys™ was tested time and time again to address all the pain points of running a business in a very crowded market with high volume, many drop points, and very low margins. Indeed, it has been the heart and pulse of one particular prepaid distributor,helping them to grow the business from a mere annual revenue of USD 44 million in 2005, to a grand total revenue of more than USD 210 million a year in 2015.


With KATSys, you are choosing the next generation distribution management system that allows you to have full control of your business.

Have Full Control

  • Optimize your distribution setup
  • Track every single item in your inventory without fail
  • Know whether every single payment has been collected and fully reconciled
  • Identity how much to purchase and when to purchase

Do More With Less

  • Increase salesman productivity with mobile apps
  • Monitor salesman whereabouts at any time of day
  • Ensure on-ground marketing is done exactly as planned
  • Identify how much to purchase and when to purchase

Decision Making

  • Single dashboard cutting across all layers
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Track operation KPI in detail
  • Measure performance against target

KATSys Features



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