The International Conference on Digital Economy & Digital Silk Road

November 2, 2018

The International Conference on Digital Economy & Digital Silk Road is the first high-profile platform ever created with the purpose of promoting the cooperation of digital economy under the Belt and Road Initiative. 

The Conference, hosted by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, and co-executed by Zhejiang Provincial Development & Reform Commission, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and China Network Television (CNTV), is a grand gathering of the leading officials from the state ministry, and representatives of governing authorities in charge of digital economy from other countries, Chinese and foreign think tanks, financial institutions, pilot cities of digital economic cooperation, and celebrated business entities. 

Discussions will be available at the Conference with the topic of “Digital economy to shape the future, and the digital Silk Road for the 21st century”. The Conference will be a stage where we show our fruitful cooperation, for the building of digital Silk Road, with countries along the Belt and Road, including signing agreements on international cooperation projects, founding a global business federation, and releasing an important report on studies on digital economy. 

The Conference is to be an occasion to voice concerns, share views, and facilitate the cooperation of digital economy projects worldwide. People to the Conference will have access to part of Alibaba’s annual Computing Conference.

 Parallel sessions will also be available at the Conference with respect to widely-sought concerns like cross-border e-commerce, smart logistics, artificial intelligence and big data. Article collected from the The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province

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